LANGUAGE: Languages used for the training: English, but many languages for 6+ groups. The language of the course can be arranged according to the characteristics of the groups in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.

Number of Training Days:5 Days
Lessons per week: 30 English Language
Lesson Duration: 09:00-15:00 for a day

Length and fees:   70 Auro per a day/person

Class Size: Maximum 20
Language level: A1/A2
Suitable for: School administrators, school staff, teachers and Everyone


Children always want to create and product things with their parents from their ages of  5-6 to their adolescence ages. So, we are as their directors, should make some projects to get time with them. This course will be contented with the methods and techniques to woodcraft for children, and it is included with the unimat tools used in the education.


. To prepare an application and design support program which aims to gain 21st Century skills.
. To prepare an atelier that children can use the woods safely in their primary and high schools.
. To make a curriculum that is appropriate for the school program, to educate the teachers for their usage of the atelier in their own branches and provide the supplements that are needed with the purpose of using the ateliers that are found effectively.
. The physical activities are highlighted by improving the balance, the coordination, the sense of rhythm in the approach that is running with the heart, the mind, and the ability philosophy.
. Completing the physical, art and the academic duties that are appropriate for the age with activities, deepening the senses with story, drama and picture activities, improving the ideas from the basic and concrete alignments to the improvement of the ideas to the abstract ones; and it is provided that children have information about the historical and cultural improvements of mankind.
. With the education that is based on children, the individual improvement of the child is supported.
. It is opposed to the children’s being single typed that is faced in much classical education system.
. It is not focused on that what children’s think; it is focused on how children should think.
. The Waldorf Approach provides the child’s multidirectional improvement by supporting
his creativeness.
. After your child is graduated from the Waldorf school, he moves on his way with great self-reliance and he doesn’t need to anyone.
The acquisitions:
. The wood toys take place in the category that is used in children’s mental and engine improvement.
.The courses are easily comprehended because the participants see and practice the issue.
. The participants’ participation is more effective because of the reason that the products that are made by participants on their own existence.
. Participants’ individual participation increase.
. Especially, it is contributed to the individuals’, that our children and need rehabilitation, improvement.
. Their hand and eye coordination, and their attention increase.
. They can specify the basic problems and concerns that are related to the Early Childhood Education that is defined in 2020 ET
. They will find ways of including the parents in the school system.
. They encourage the children to be more independent and to be prone to the learning on their own
. They will find an opportunity to see the roles of the materials and rhythms that are used in the approach and are effective in the improvement of the children like the carpentry works, stories, the wooden works, the nature and people, drama, playing with pictures, and the plays.


 This course will be contented with the using methods and techniques of unimat tools prepared to use in wood crafting. The idea should not be forgotten “ Kids love to make and create things without oppression.” Their creativity and productivity are important for their growing up ages.

Methods: Lectures, exercises, discussions, teamwork, role-playing, study visits

Course Topics:

Program (Training activities):

-PPT slides



-sharing thoughts and ideas with the group

-sightseeing and the school visits


After confirming registration, participants will be informed about the details of the course (arrival, daily program). Participants will be able to introduce themselves and bring a few examples of routines and practices that they apply to their teaching.


Module 1: Woodcraft works for children

Module 2: Getting fun with them

Module 3: Creativity, productivity


Teachers participate in this course will gain experience about:

. How to get time with children

. How to be creative

. How can they product things with woods

. Using of the unimat tools


Welcoming, meeting and the settlement to the hotel.
Introduction to the course: (10:00-15:00)
. UNIMAT (The Cool Tool) The Basic Equipment Informations
. UNIMAT modular system
. UNIMAT forming features
Machinery Equipment
The machines and the equipment are produced specially for children, and their security tests are done. The works that are made with wooden are made for all of the emotions, and these are the best examples of the practical training. Our schools’ main target, these schools endeavor to grow up children who can create differences far away from our offerings in the world that is improving always, is to grow up the individuals who produce something.
Safe Machinery;
These saws produced in UNIMAT designed for children. The short pulses of the knife that are created by vibration let them to the precision cutting and don’t harm the skin. This is the ideal machine for schools and ateliers. There is no injury risk thanks to its forming that children don’t harm.

Coffee Break
. Focusing on the Waldorf Philosophy;
It is argued that children’s’ school age is determined according to the calendar is the wrong way, and individual improvement is more important. Children should process an education term that is nested with nature, rhythmic and is in daily life. This term should not be with memorization and oppression. There are noting, being unsuccessful of the children and homework system in order to eliminate this oppression.
In the program that includes garden times, it is aimed to consisting of children’s being nested with nature, the nature consciousness and love. Besides, the classroom ambiance is regulated as appropriate for the aesthetic and ordered senses of the children. According to Steiner, children are extremely sensitive to their environment and they have information about this environment by using their whole senses. Therefore, all of the walls’, furniture’s, materials’ colors are rather important. Simple colors are preferred. The furniture that is made with natural and sturdy materials are used.
It is provided that children take on some duties in order to improve the children’s acting skills and to help the children’s taking responsibility. For example; repairing, preparing snacks, cleaning the tables, caring for flowers…etc. Teachers never enforce them while they are doing these tasks, they give opportunity them to their attending to work-sharing in the classroom with their own choices. Waldorf teachers internalize these three emotions: respect, enthusiasm, and safety. The teacher should approach children with respect, let them learn in their own way and the quality of education is more important than its rapidity. Another important point in this approach is teachers’ creating an ambiance that is away from stress, and this ambiance should support the children’s learning. The teachers create a possibility that supports children’s learning by experiencing and living on his own.
The relationship between Woodcrafting For Children and the Waldorf Approach
This education activity aims to children ’s social, emotional, spiritual, ethic and physical improvement. According to Steiner, every child has a concrete potential. When an appropriate ambiance is created, this potential, this potential appears. However, we should not hurry up to come up these potentials.
.Motor skills: The wood carving, working on making toys
.24W motor power that does not harm to hands
. Drilling, fret saw, emery, carving and lathe features
.The usage of hand tools, the introduction of basic tools
. Introduction of half-done, pure tools, and their usage
. Some kinds of UNIMAT (Uni-Print-3D, Styro-Cut 3D, Unimat CNC, Unimat Metal Line)
. Appropriate for 5 years over
. 24w motor that does not harm to hands
. Drilling, fret saw, emery, carving and lathe features
. Compatible with other unimat tools
. Appropriate for 8 years over
. 24w motor that does not harm to hands
. Drilling, fret saw, emery, carving and lathe features
. Compatible with other unimat tools
. Appropriate for 12 years over
. Sturdy construction
. 6 different features
. Compatible with other unimat tools
. hardness in 4th level; wooden, metal and stone handiwork
. Appropriate for 15 years old
. Sturdy construction
. 6 different features
. Compatible with other unimat tools. hardness in 4th level; wooden, metal and stone handiwork
. Sensitive processing with pc control
. Appropriate for 15 years old
. Sturdy construction
. The filament can be changed speedily, needs less care, skids that can be set.
.Fully metal frame, and sturdy construction
.For the common filaments; PLA, ABS, Nylon, Laybrick vs.
. The open-sourced codes hardware: Machinekit & multidirectional user interfaces

. Appropriate for 12 years old
. Sturdy construction
. 6 different features
. For hot wires, styrofoam, and synthetic materials’ heat treatment
. Moving designs and making teetotums
. Examples of curriculum models and its relationship between the curriculum
Curriculum Support
Our teacher’s in ateliers that founded integration of the atelier works to the lectures and the models and the acquisitions for children’s benefit. At the end of every year, the models and the acquisition files that are gained are shared with the teachers.
. Individual design and painting with the natural colors
Coffee Break
The city tour
. The exhibition, questions, and answers
. The evaluation of the Waldorf Approach
. Making a general look for the course program
. Evaluating the course program and filling the feedback forms.
. Giving the participation certificates

CERTIFICATIONS: At the end of the course; Participants will take ”Certificate of Participant”, ”Europass Mobility Certificate”, ”Staff Mobility Agreement‘‘ and BlueCore International Company Invoice certificates.

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