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Course Specifications & PortfolioEuropass FAQ & Organization & PIF and PIC



Participants get informed about the theoretical background for classroom diversity, majority and minority cultures, multicultural education, intercultural education as well as practical guidelines to integrate intercultural education across the areas of the curriculum and school life. Discussions, site visits, and group works will enrich sharing ideas and exchange of practice between participants.


*I need more information about program, objectives of a course/courses: see each course page on this website (see menu Courses). The final program for each course will be made shortly before the course, but you find an example of the program of previous courses.
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*Will Blue Core International Academy offers other courses, other course dates: we only offer the courses that you see in the planning. See here. We might organize extra sessions of a course if sessions are getting full. We decide about other sessions later and extra sessions will be published on this website. For groups (minimum 7) we might organize separate visits. Contact us after grant approval.
What is Blue Core International?
BLUE CORE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY is a international training company of education and organizes ERASMUS KA1 Courses.
How can you get funding?
You can apply to ERASMUS+ for funding.
Can BC İnternational offer help to participants?
BC İnternational helps participants during application process.
Who can attend these courses?
Teachers (Pre-primary, primary, secondary, special needs sector), school staff, educators, adults and graduated students can attend the courses.
Who designs and implements the courses?
Courses are designed and implemented by qualified teachers with many years of teaching experience.
Where MÇ İnternational courses take place?

BRANCH: Via del forte sirtori, 11 Postal Code:30038  Venice, ITALY

BRANCH: Calle de Aragon 366 08009 Barcelona, SPAIN

BRANCH: Tehtaankatu 18 – 00140 – Helsinki, FINLAND

BRANCH: Opatovciká 1661/2 – 120 00 – Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

BRANCH: Sapsalas iela 2 – LV-1048 – Rīga, LATVIA

BRANCH: Endla 33 – 10122 – Tallinn, ESTONIA

BRANCH: Bulevardul Unirii Nr. 31, Sector 3 – 010023 – Bucureşti, ROMANIA

BRANCH: Liszt Ferenc Square 11 – 1061 – Budapest, HUNGARY

BRANCH: 8 Nico Broekhuysenweg – 1067 HT – Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

BRANCH: 106 rue saint denis 75002 Paris, FRANCE

BRANCH: Yeni Mh., 489. Sok. No:3, 07980 Kemer/Antalya, TURKEY

BRANCH: Cankurtaran, Ahırkapı Cd No:9, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul , TURKEY

BRANCH: 12 Lambarde Square, 1st Floor, The Greenwich Centre, Greenwich SE10 9GB,  UK

On which topics do the seminars focus?
Intercultural education; classroom diversity, majority, and minority cultures; behavioral problems during teaching; positive learning environment; European culture and identity, active citizenship; learning outside the classroom.
What is the duration of the courses?
All courses last for 5-6 days. There is also the possibility to extend the courses to 7 days. The 7th day includes extra tours and activities. Possible 5-15 days courses.
What is the cost of the courses?
The course price is 70 Euro for Europen Countries, The course price is 55 Euro for Turkey Countries.
What methodology is used?
All courses are carefully designed to train participants with innovative and effective methodologies introducing a European dimension and encouraging international networking and the constitution of learning partnerships.
What are the aims of the courses?
Teachers across Europe enhance their professional development; enrich their theoretical background, examine examples of school and classroom planning and practice; visit museums, archaeological and traditional sights; explore materials and artworks; plan activities and implement programs across the areas of the curriculum and school life; gain unforgettable learning experiences among colleagues from different countries.


Blue Core International Academy Courses 2020-2021

             Choose Your Erasmus+ course from a large number of course sessions here. You can read more information on the separate course pages on Blue Core International Academy website. More personal information about Erasmus+ courses will be available via
Individual teachers and groups are invited to enroll in the courses listed below. (Click on each course for full details).
Permanent access to course material:
You will have access to your course material, answers, and classmates for the entire duration of your course process.
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At the end of the course; Participants will take ‘Certificate of Participant”, ”Europass Mobility Certificate”, ”Staff Mobility Agreement‘‘ and BlueCore International Company Invoice certificates.
Procedure: Download the pre-filled document and complete it. Send it for signature and stamp to BC Academy (as a word document). In the case of Europass, you can use the example below when you fill in your Europass. Please click here for Europass:  Need a Europass?

BC Academy aims to offer quality courses:

We offer:
*Good support for the application for schools that make preregistration for our courses
*High qualified trainers from different European countries
*Good course programs and methodology
*Preparation and post-course program
*At the end of each course, the participants are requested to fill in anonymously a questionnaire.


COURSE FEE / Location and Organization

*NOTE: Applications from the same school for several teachers traveling together are welcomed. Please contact us if your school has specific training needs and we’ll design a program for you.
**NOTE: If you are a group of 6 or more people and you don’t see any dates; course name and course city that suits your group, please send us an e-mail with the proposed dates; course details and the city name; then we will make the appropriate arrangements for you!
***NOTE: The invoice (bill) will be given included with discounts. It means the invoice (bill) will be how you and how much you need. Our invoice is international and is in the English language. You will receive your invoices with a wet signature at the beginning of the course.
****NOTE: At the end of each course, participants fill out a course evaluation form for publication. We also provide all the support with the paperwork you might need for your Erasmus+ project documentation such as mobility agreement and registration letter.
*****NOTE: Languages used for the training: English, but many languages for 6+ groups. The language of the course can be arranged according to the characteristics of the groups in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.
******NOTE: Our courses are usually comprehensive, detailed and professionally prepared and last for 10 days, but can also be taken with compressed programs for 7 and 5 days.


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