LANGUAGE: Languages used for the training: English, but many languages for 6+ groups. The language of the course can be arranged according to the characteristics of the groups in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.

COURSE SPECIFICATIONS: Number of Training Days:5 Days Lessons per week: 30 English Language Lesson Duration: 09:00-15:00 for a day Length and fees: Class Size: Maximum 20 Language level: A1/A2 Suitable for: School administrators, school staff, teachers and Everyone

COURSE BACKGROUND AND COURSE OVERVIEW: The course ‘Create the future leaders & innovators in the classroom’ introduces to the participants the concepts of innovation & leadership and the necessary skills for future innovators and leaders. The course also addresses the issue of teaching innovation & leadership and the requirements for a stimulating learning environment where future innovators and leaders will be created. Moreover, ‘Create the future leaders & innovators in the classroom’ course provides participants with examples of how innovators can be motivated, inside and outside the classroom, and the importance of ‘passion’ in creating our future leaders. Furthermore, the course debates the challenges of Twenty-first century related to teaching and learning, such as teamwork, specialization, risk, creativity, among others. The course is wrapped up with insights related to the innovation & leadership of the future. The course ‘Create the future leaders & innovators in the classroom’ is an ideal course for all those wishing to develop a stimulus learning environment in which future leaders & innovators will be created. This is a master class course for school principals, academic personnel, teachers of primary and secondary education, VET trainers and administrative staff and parents interested in motivating their children to become the future leaders & innovators.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: -To understand the concept of innovation & leadership -To comprehend the importance of leadership & innovation -To reach a deep understanding of the barriers imposed by education for leadership & innovation & methods to remove them -To learn how to teach & motivate a potential innovator & the role of play and passion in a learning environment

CONTENT AND METHODOLOGY: The course methodology will ensure the active involvement of the participants in all phases, that is, prior, during and after the delivery of the course. More specifically, upon confirmation that the course will take place, the participants will receive preparatory material (if needed), which will cover all important concepts to be presented during the delivery of the course. The participants will have the opportunity to exchange feedback with the organizer of the course, BlueCore Academy, and the trainer as well as to request any clarification related to the content of the course. The methodology of the training is based on a combination of three important elements: • Provision of knowledge required (theory) • Use of training tools, such as case studies, videos, games, animations & exercises (practice – hands on experience) • Feedback/reflection (review) During the delivery of the course, the participants will receive hard copy material, which will cover the content to be presented in all five (5) days of the seminar. The material will be presented in a form of Power Point (PPT) presentations, videos & animations. Moreover, the active involvement and hands on experience of the participants will be secured through various training tools, such as case studies, worksheets, scenarios & exercises. These training tools are necessary to ensure that the theoretical knowledge gained by the participants can be used in real life scenarios; an important aspect & added value for any training course. At the final day of the course, the participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the information received and the experience gained in the specific field of study. Moreover, the participants and their institutions will be encouraged to be members of BlueCore Academy, an international hub and forum for entrepreneurs & innovators to exchange ideas, novel concepts/approaches & best practices in the area of environment and education.

METHODS: Lectures, exercises, discussions, teamwork, role-playing, study visits

Team-building activities Topic-related activities Leadership Management

PROGRAM (Training activities): -PPT slides -discussions -evaluating -sharing thoughts and ideas with the group -sightseeing and the school visits

PREPARATION: After confirming registration, participants will be informed about the details of the course (arrival, daily program). Participants will be able to introduce themselves and bring a few examples of routines and practices that they apply to their teaching.

MODULES: Module1: How to be leader in a group Module2: Management strategies for future business life Module3: Leadership and its relationship between innovation

FOLLOW UP: BENEFITS TO PARTICIPANTS – SKILLS & COMPETENCES The course is ideal for school principals, teachers of primary and secondary education, trainers, administrative staff in schools & universities, staff involved in informal and non-formal education & parents. By the end of the course, delegates will have acquired capabilities to: • Understand the concepts of leadership & innovation • Create a learning environment for future leaders and innovators • Comprehend the barriers of today’s education for leadership & innovation • Parent, motivate and teach a leader The participants will: • Comprehend in depth the concepts of leadership & innovation • Understand the skills required by leaders and innovators • Understand the challenges of Twenty-first Century Teaching & Learning • Acquire in depth understanding of educational barriers related to leadership & innovation • Learn how to remove the barriers that prevent innovative learning • Learn how to create a stimulus and passion driven learning environment for the future leaders & innovators


1ST DAY (09:00-15:00) -Welcome to the participants -A quick introduction to the course Coffee Break
What is innovation? What is leadership? Importance of leadership & innovation to our future What are the main skills of innovators & leaders? Teaching innovation & leadership skills: is it possible? -Discussion

2ND DAY (09:00-15:00) -Portrait of an innovator Parenting an innovator Teaching an innovator Coffee Break Motivating an innovator Role of play Passion to purpose Social innovators -Discussion of the day

3RD DAY (09:00-15:00) -The challenges of 21st Century Teaching & Learning Individual achievement vs. collaboration Specialization vs. multidisciplinary learning Coffee Break Risk avoidance vs. Trial & Error Consuming vs. Creating -Removing barriers to innovative learning -Discussion of the day

4TH DAY (09:00-15:00) The Future of Innovation Reading as a play Passion Purpose Taking risks Coffee Break -Relations of innovation and leadership -Management, monitoring -Discussion of the day

5TH DAY Create a ‘passion driven’ classroom Recognize the future leaders & innovators Overview of the course – reflections Goodbye

CERTIFICATIONS: At the end of the course; Participants will take ”Certificate of Participant”, ”Europass Mobility Certificate”, ”Staff Mobility Agreement‘‘ and BlueCore International Company Invoice certificates.

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